´╗┐The Great Wall of China is an amazing structure.It is 25 feet thick at the base, 15 feet thick at the top, and 25 feet tall.It also measures over fifteen hundred miles in length. Look-out towers were built every 200-300 yards.
Originaly, there were only little walls here and there that some villagers had built to keep out wild horsemen who robbed and killed them.Shih Huang Ti, Chinas first emporer, ordered that these walls be put together to build the later to become Great Wall of China.They built the wall to keep out their main enemy, at the time, the Xiongnu people from Mongolia. They were afraid that they would invade and try to conquer China.The first few walls they made of the Great Wall of China were built of earth and stones with wood frames in the Quin Dynasty in 221-206 BC.
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The construction on the wall started in the seventh centry B.C.Many people worked on the wall. Even though some of the wall was already built, it took hundreds of years to finish. The sides were made of brick although some say that some of the peoples bones that had died making the wall were mixed in with the mortor.The wall was built entirely by hand.When it was finnally done, the satilites in outer space showed the Great Wall of China.This was the only man-made structure seen from space.Ancient horsemen have used the top of the wall as a road.
The wall is located in Beijing and is seperated into many parts.Some parts are the: Juyongguan wall, Badaling wall, Mutianyu wall, Simatia wall, the Huanghuacheng wall, and many more. These walls are separated by things such as hills and valleys.The Juyongguan wall is located in a valley with mountains all around it.The Badaling wall is a twisting, turning pathway that goes through the mountain ranges and is very steep and treacherous.Next, the Mutianyu wall is mostly made of granite and is 1.4 miles that winds through lofty mountains and high ridges.Now we will talk about the Simatia wall.One unusual thing is that a lake separates the west wall from the east wall.The lake is called Mandarin Duck Lake which two springs flow into.One of the springs is cold and the other is warm, but the warm spring never freezes in the winter.Last, the Huanghuacheng wall goes through many mountains and lakes.
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JUYONGGUAN WALL..............................................BADALING WALL

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MUTIANYU WALL................................................SIMATIA WALL........................................MANDARIN DUCK LAKE

It has been said that the Great Wall of China was made by one man. This man however was no ordianary man, this man was amazingly strong. So this man volentered to build the wall by himself so the people figured he would kill himself. It only took him two days to build the Wall. The emporer was furious he didn't wan't any living person stronger than him, so he ordered that the sharpest blades in China be brought to him and the brother would be killed in the morning. When the other brothers heard they sent one of the brothers who can not be hurt by any blade. So that is part of the legend.